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Hy-Pro International SHOCK DOCTOR ULTRA RUGBY 152

Code: 016265
  • £20.00

Shock Doctor have designed this specifically for rugby players but suitable for all contact sports.

The Ultra Rugby is a super low profile Gumshield that only requires hot water to mould, ideal for children and adults. Designed to be thinner in profile, allowing athletes of all levels to benefit from breathing more easily with the ability to communicate through every phase of play, without compromising on protection.

Made from an innovative material unique to Shock Doctor, the Ultra Rugby becomes very pliable and soft when placed in hot water so it can be moulded to a perfect fit.

The Ultra Rugby comes with a temperature gage to ensure the perfect fitting temperate, which can be achieved using just hot tap water or coiled boiled water. This Gumshield sinks in hot water and then when the Ultra Rugby is ready to be molded, it floats to the surface, fitting has never been so easy! The Ultra Rugby then hardens and solidifies into a perfect customized mould of the teeth, offering our best fit yet. The Gumshield can also be remoulded.

Gel window provide upper and lower jaw interlock when clenched for added protection.

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