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Racket Restringing & Junior Tennis: A Size Guide

Racket Restringing

We are delighted to provide a professional and fast in-store racket restringing service, offering a wide choice of strings and tension options for tennis, squash and badminton racquets. Prices for restringing range from £16 to £45 depending on the type of string you select.

We are offering the option of collection your racket for restringing for a small fee of £5. Eligible areas for this service are identical to our 'free local delivery' postcodes, which can be found on our Delivery & Returns page.

Please give us a ring on 01225 466341 to discuss the string you would like and which tension you require. This will depend not only on the racket you're using, but also on the level you're playing at and what your strengths and weaknesses are. The surface you're playing on is also important.

Also, don't forget your grips and bumpers - having the right grip plays a big part in your control of the ball. Add a new grip to your restring and we'll fit it for free.



Junior Tennis - A Size Guide

Finding the right junior racket mainly depends on the height of the child. Please, find below an overview of what size racket you will require for your child. It is slightly more reliable than just going on the age of your child, as there can be quite a height difference between children of the same age. If you have any queries, please, phone us on 01225 466341.




Racket Length


3ft – 3ft 6” (up to 105cm)



3ft 7” – 3ft 10”(105 – 118cm)



3ft 11” – 4ft 5” (118 – 135cm)



4ft 6” – 4ft 11” (135 – 150cm)



4ft 6” – 4ft 11” (135 – 150cm)


12 +

5ft or taller (>150cm)

27 or longer (Adult)


In terms of the type of tennis balls to use with juniors, please find below a rough guide as to what type of ball you should be using for which age: 

Foam ball – Under 4 years
Red ball – 5-8 years
Orange ball – 9-10 years
Green ball – 11+ years