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 Yonex Ezone DR 100 is designed for all-round, all-court style of play that is the most common at club social level, making it suitable for the majority of tennis players. It feels solid and stable even on heavy shots and swings very quickly for powerful groundstrokes. At the net, it feels very manoeuvrable, where the Isometric head is really effective at putting away volleys even on off-centre ball contact. Used by the majority of Yonex's professional tennis players, regular club players seeking a comfortable racket that performs equally well at the net and the baseline should definitely consider this a must-use racket.  
Yonex's new EZONE DR range features Nanometric DR, a material developed by Toray Industries for spacecrafts. Applied to the racket, this material increases ball speed by 7% compared to graphite only constructions. This is achieved by increasing the flexural strength by 15% over graphite only frame (6.5% over EZONE Ai range). The result is that get a racket that flexes more and snaps back quicker for dynamic power and better stability.The DR 100 variant is the all-round version that offers dynamic power and speed underlined with enhanced feel and control. Its 16x19 open string pattern allows top-spin players to exaggerate the spin while the combination of Quick Shut Gel at the handle and Shockless Grommets at the frame (6 o'clock position) makes it one of the most comfortable midplus racket in the market.  

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